As humans we have sought to evolve our movements beyond our bodies. The catalyst for an explosion of new movements was of course the wheel. Here are homages to my preferred modes of self-powered wheeled transport.

magus cyberia

Remz HR1.3 skates in all black with well-worn Blank frames in a freestyle setup

This setup feels like a natural extension of my body. The Remz boot is both comfortable and surprisingly durable, and the Blank frames are (ironically) lighter than the Ground Control Featherlight 3s. The shape of the frame groove has been worked in and perfected over years of mostly riding freestyle.



Custom Valo AB1 skates

Durable, modular, supportive, and comfy, these blades have been through a lot and still have plenty of life left in them. Even though Valo Brand is discontinued, their parent company Roces still uses the same designs in their M12 and 5th Element models, and with minor modifications skins and souls from other brands can be made to fit these boots. They are a bit heavy with the skins and hefty soul plates, but once you get in the groove you don't notice it.


wolf spider

Single-speed Del Sol D-Street Projekt with drop bars and rear basket

My trusty Del Sol D-Street Projekt is a joy to ride. Maintenance is easy with the single speed, and you get in an intimate rhythm with the bike as you ride the terrain. The seat, bar tape, and pedals seem spartan, but they encourage good riding form. The rear rack and basket were salvaged from forsaken yellow-tagged bikes at UC Davis left by entitled kids to rot until they were marked by facilities for impoundment.