This Mind Ground Cannot Be Defiled

Stylized white enso (incomplete circular brushstroke) on a muted grey, purple and orange glitch background

Simple wallpaper of enso in perfect glitchy buddha-field.

God-Ace Maverick-Hunter

MegaMan Zero in black armor

This is a recolor of wallpaper I found on WallHaven featuring Zero's OG endgame colorscheme of black armor and purple sabre.


New Miami HackerPack throwing a hacker potlach

A composite screenshot of one of my all-time favorite scenes from the cartoon Bravest Warriors, edited with some vaporwave-y text.

If You See The Budha, Kill Him [wallpaper version]

Lavos in a time-cancellation space created by four guardian spirits

This is the widescreen wallpaper version of my first digital mandala. It represents eternal vigilance and the practice of mindfulness.

Steez Navi

Navi symbol (from SE: Lain) with scanlines on tree canopies, in white

A wallpaper taking a 3D render of the Navi symbol from Serial Experiments: Lain and opposing its computational significance with a dense backgorund of tree canopies, rounded out with some scanlines and a subtle plasma effect.

Soul Unison

Two beings connected by the network of soul energy

A digital mandala inspired by love -- I made it for my partner on her 24th birthday. Fun fact, that is a graph of the internet in the background.

Execution of Perfect Dharma

MegaMan characters surround a buddhist shrine in cyberspace and kneel, halting their conflict

A digital mandala featuring MegaMan Zero sprites and MegaMan X assets, it represents the cessation of conflict and inner peace.

Vajrapratekyabuddhas Are Like Water

JunkMan sits in serene repose amidst a digital diamond

The Kanji reads "Water seeks equilibrium;" As the Tao seeks the low places other disdain, so does Junkman — so does the diamond feral buddha.

If You See The Buddha, Kill Him

Lavos in a time-cancellation space created by four guardian spirits

This digital mandala started the series, using Chrono Trigger and various MegaMan sprites and a fractal-mapped automatic transmission, it represents eternal vigilance and the practice of mindfulness.


Linux-tan bearing Tux brooch, glibc hairpin, and systemd... attachment, managing some windows in cyberspace

This was a fun wallpaper I made based on a classic rendition of Windows95-tan, remixed into a silly personification of the Linux kernel and some of its common paraphernalia.

Inori in Valhalla

Inori from Guilty Crown

Wallpaper I made for my old laptop which was named Valkyrie, it features official art of Inori from the anime Guilty Crown.

Let's All Love Lain!

Geometric figure amidst Lain

Inspired by Serial Experiments: Lain this wallpaper represents her somehow conflicting desires for freedom and communication.

Tsugumi V2

Tsugumi from Guilty Crown

I made this wallpaper for my old Phenom II machine (still my favorite of the desktop computers I've owned) which was named Tsugumi.

Source of Buddhas [Lotus Pedestal Universal Program Engine]

Shakyamuni Buddha sits upon the lotus pedestal, myriad other buddhas achieve enlightenment simultaneously with him

This piece was my first foray into cyberspiritual imagery, inspired by a passage from the Brahma Net Sutra.

Memory Map

Memory dump amidst cybernetic lattice

This wallpaper emerged from a desire for a more authentic "cyberpunk" feel.

Where the Cyber Elves Dwell

Cyber Elves hang out in cyberspace, guarding the CPU core

Using Capcom vs SNK sprites of the MegaMan Zero franchise's Cyber Elves, this wallpaper was a fun experiment in combining photography with sprites and abstract art to make a cohesive piece.


DJ with baby in the crook of his elbow spins mad beats into an infinite fractal wonderland. Look at that smile!"

Just look at it and understand :)


Fractal columns of energy remind one of Gyarados

My favorite of the experiments I produced with Xaos, the columns in this piece remind me of Gyarados, which I had taken to naming Jazz in my Pokemon playthroughs.


An AI spouts ominous quotes in the server farm

Mog was a bot on our old IRC channel, and said all sorts of whacky things in between Uno games.