photojournal 2023


Cover of Buddhadharma magazine, a Zen master with teapot head leaning forward, about to pour the dharma tea into a studen The back of a sign on a shopping cart repository at the Co Op: a smattering of liberal cultural references from bike clubs and pot shops to antifascism and feminism A kid Treeline between the arroyo and the highway in the dead of night Laser lights reflecting off some coniferous trees at the River of Lights in ABQ The Christmas Train (Sky Railway) curving ahead on the tracks, shot from the flatbed car toward the back of the train The mountains east of Santa Fe as fall turns to winter Juniper berries on a prolific tree, reaching up to the sky


Diagonal tree trunk forming a natural gate through a snow-dusted footpath A raven atop a lamp post, in silhouette against a cloudy grey sky


Shipping container at the edge of the sump at the bottom of the Sweetwater Harvest parking lot Red and yellow fall leaves on the trees in the Sweetwater Harvest parking lot 3 horses looking at us from across the road near El Malpais Radio tower atop a mountain near El Malpais The valley looking south from the Peurco Pueblo Ruins Looking north from Puerco Pueblo Ruins, past an ancient building foundation, over the fields, toward a huge freight train in the distance Painted desert at the north end of Petrified Forest Natl Park Badlands near Blue Mesa in Petrified Forest Natl Park; they are remnants of an ancient river system Red smokey quartz in a chunk of petrified wood Cleanly cut surface of a petrified log with bright white quartz inside; some red and yellow is visible dotting the quartz Large log of petrified wood with gold and silver colored bark Petrified log cut into slices which are falling down a sandy hill Sandy moor in the Petrified Forest Natl Park with chunks of petrified wood poking out of the sands Chunks of petrified log on the edge of a grassy knoll A ring of petrified wood Z looking out the window of a hotel room in Gallup at a freight train View of Gallup looking out the window at the end of the 3rd floor cooridor in a hotel; beyond the parking lot is a wonderful rocky hill characteristic of the region Annular eclipse on October 14th Verdant, shady arroyo down the street from our apartment


Lots of blue juniper berries on a verdant juniper bush Greenthread flowers blooming by the sidewalk where somebody has written SO PRETTY in chalk A little prickly pear cactus at the bird sanctuary in Santa Fe Peeking into the Opuntia Cafe from street level, the Exit sign is visible through the glossy window Purple accent lighting of Violet Crown Green chiles at Big Jim Farms in ABQ


Small stream of water coming out of a rock face at Nambe Falls Riverside path between the trees and rocks at Nambe Falls Violet Crown facade in rusty steel with a green tree in front Big gazebo of the Santa Fe farmers market against the blue sky Big coniferous trees against a big blue sky Pet rock on a laminate floor, with many eyes and an orange feather glued to it A couple homegrown chiles in the front yard Windgarden at the Farmhouse Cafe in Taos


Great blue herons hanging out in the marsh at the edge of Eagle Nest Lake Eagle Nest Lake visible between the green hills in front and the purple mountains in back; dynamic clouds speak of rain Orange flower in the grass Rolling green fields in front of the mountains at Eagle Nest Lake White stones forming a ring amid smaller red pumice


Bright green leaves in front of a red wall, branches converging to the rock garden below Blue-green moss on a wonderfully textured rock


Aspen trees opening to a big sky Footbridge across the river with carved zigzag patterns Oldschool tractor resting in a dirt driveway Young spring buds against a wispy blue sky


Gnarled juniper tree with bright green needles, dusted with snow, growing on the edge of a bright red dirt path Sage brush and falling snow against a static-white sky Partner and kid on a walk in the sunset as I come from down the road to meet them.


Baby agaves in the tall grass Winter scrublands in southern Santa Fe. Junipers and a bit of snow across the tall grass. Beautiful lizard posing in front of a jade plant.


Sagebrush in the snow on Sawmill Rd. Growing through the fence with mountains in the background Grand rock face in the sun beyond winter tree branches at Grasshopper Canyon Ice fractals on the stream at Grasshopper Canyon

photojournal 2022


December sunrise through the clouds, framed by the barren trees Z made on the light wall at the Children Magnetic tree built out of steel nuts at the Children As above, as below tree at Little Teseque Frozen rapids on Little Teseque Creek. Beautiful mossy rock at Little Teseque Bridge at Frenchy


Aspen trees growing half-submerged in Abiquiu Lake More barren trees sticking up diagonally out of the rocks. View across the lake to a glorious mesa lit from behind, and the sun shining on the water at Abiquiu Lake Om Mane Padme Hum inscribed on the rocks at Abiquiu Lake Awesome little stick shelter on the rocks at Abiquiu Lake Rocky shore at Abiquiu Lake with barren trees sticking out of the stark rocks and the silver water below Cricket at a blading spot.


Exposed water main you have to walk under along a hiking path in Santa Fe A decent-sized paperback book, a jar of peanut butter, and two apples on the sidewalk where some spurges and dry grass are peeping out of the cracks Tiny footbridge that crosses the Santa Fe river behind the Upaya Zen Center Facade of the Temple of the Circle of the Way at Upaya Zen Center Bronze Buddha statue at the Upaya Zen Center Aspen tree outside the kitchen window in its fall splendor Yin yang and Dharma wheel tattoos ~36 hours after completion Dharma wheel tattoo on inner right forearm about one hour after completion with transparent saniderm film on it Yin yang tattoo on inner left forearm moments after completion Fall leaves on the ground in a clearing in Carson National Forest Little purple flowers in Carson National Forest Stag spirit statue at the crest of South Lemuria Stone Cairn on South Lemuria More earthships on North Lemuria Earthships on North Lemuria Rock structures and sagebrush at Orilla Verde


View of Santa Fe from Aspen Vista Trail