photojournal 2024


Left half of the backside of a white late-2000s Toyota camry, with various stickers. The most prominent reads Two stickers on a wide metal lamppost. The one on top reads Very strange computer fan mounted to a very strange partially open-faced medical computing kiosk assembly


T-shaped lamppost at De Vargas Skatepark reminiscient of a cross, with various offerings attached: a skateboard deck, some spent shoes, and a host of skate stickers View across De Vargas Skatepark and the green space adjacent, with the cathedral visible across the street amist the barren trees Calm river behind Upaya Zen Center, completely thawed in mid-February, with barren trees and shrubs surrounding it Two young lovers of juniper trees on a slope, one growing straight up from the bottom of the slope, the other growing sideways from the top, and they meet and intertwine Snow-covered peaks east of Santa Fe against a cloudless blue sky, with the typical evergreen scrubland in the foreground


A wordless Shiny brown frog with a sort of wrinkly-old-man-face sitting atop an artificial stone perch, a spider plant visible creeping into the frame from the left Santa Fe skyline from the north looking southeast at twilight; treeline is in the foreground, the city with its lights in midground, and the background showing brilliant indigo shades of the mountains fading into the low clouds at sunset, with the sky above the mountains and lowest clouds fading from golden into light grey; a smattering of indigo clouds streak across the sky in the upper half of the image Snow-covered path with myriad depressions from footprints which make it look like sand almost, flanked by sagebrush and naked trees on both sides, with a cloudless blue sky opening above Neon cursive lettering of "Pizza etc." on a classic white tile wall, with some framed awards and stuff adorning the wall below it