urchin V2 with KWin transparency rules

Urchin is a KWin/Aurorae theme with a legacy Openbox theme, focusing on visibility and usability. The original inspiration stems from MacOS window decorations, but the current state of the theme (UrchinV2 KWin/Arorae theme) is a far cry from it.

The theme features color-coded buttons for common window operations:
• Close = magenta
• Minimize = grey
• Maximize = green
• Shade = turquoise
• Sticky = blue
• Toggled Max/Shade/Sticky = bright turquoise

The V2 theme features slick high-contrast borders as well to make the active window pop especially when using the steppenwolf application theme.

Urchin is licensed under the GPLv3, so feel free to make any modifications as long as you keep it GPLv3 and include me in the credits.