Zenblade No. 8: Seicho

2022 - 2023 practice period

Zenblade No. 7: Uji

2018 blading across California


Late 2017, shredding Davis and Sac

Zenblade No. 6: Desert Vibes

Summer 2017 Vegas lights & Santa Fe skating

Zenblade No. 5: Practition of Flow

2017 deep with new flow attunement; cloud bladers and water bladers continue to practice and realize it!

2016-2017 Winter Park Edit - SHRED.MAS

happy shredmas from california & odyssey wing

Electric Cross-Valence Operation: Shredding Babylon Fortress

Rising Road tour 2016 from the Bay Area through Eugene and Seattle, into Detroit

Rotary Sabre: Episode 03

Spring 2016 blading in Monterey with all the crew

Zenblade No. 4: Mind/Body/Wellness

[download alternate version]

Winter 2015-2016 blading

Zenblade No. 3: Brandon Duer

Brandon seshing by the sea & the C

Zenblade No. 2: Adam Kinmont

Adam killing a sick cope ledge

Rotary Sabre: Episode 02

2015 Fall and Winter cali coast blading into the new year

Zenblade No. 1: Derek Stevens

first of "mini sections of WHATEVER"

Rotary Sabre: Episode 01

Monterey summer blading 2015 with special guests Invert crew form Argentina