suck less with more soul

Would I rather have an opaque AI write programs for me (or my business), or would I rather write them myself from scratch?

When things go wrong (as they will, because they must), which method do you think will be easier to clean up after? Which method will work offline? Which method will work with limited energy resources? Which method will allow us to actually understand what we're doing?

There isn't much else to say on the matter. I think there will be places for these burgeoning AI tools in enterprise and small business, but it should be obvious to anyone that relying on them for complex problems is going to be more trouble than it's worth...

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update 2023-02-17: also, the chatbots are pretty terrible so far, please don't let them make decisions for you...

update 2023-02-21: and the energy consumption really is terrible, don't just take my word for it