computing accessories

Kinesis Freestyle Pro Keyboard

My Kinesis Freestyle Pro Split Ergonomic Keyboard

It's said that a programmer's keyboard is more important than their machine itself. Cheap yet well made and programmable split mechanical keyboard.

GUNNAR Optiks Cyber

My blue-light glasses

Protects my eyes from high-energy photons emitted by computer screens.

Google P2718EC Monitor

Macro shot of the monitor

Inexpensive 1440p 27" IPS LCD scored on ebay. Mounted to the desk on a swivelling, jointed monitor arm.

2x1TB RAIDZ1 External SSD array 'xilikon'

MAIWO 2x2.5in external SATA enclosure, assembled with data cable

My media library lives here on a ZFS pool in RAIDZ1 configuration. It usually stays plugged into vajra as a micro-SAN, but if I'm travelling I probably bring it with.

Western Digital Elements 2TB External HDD

My cold storage external HDD

Backups go here. I use kyanite to backup home directories and my media library onto an encrypted ZFS pool with redundant files hard-linked to save space. It stays inside of a small cardboard box amidst some tissue paper to stay safe and cozy.

Afterglow Wired PS3 Controller

My wired PS3 controller

My favorite game controller is this cheap biz from Afterglow. Comfy, responsive, and lasted through some travelling and traumatic drops. Great for all kinds of emulators, and PC games which don't support it natively can use tools to remap it to key/mouse input or map it to a virtual XInput controller. It's wired, so no batteries required.

Happy Plugs

Best earbuds ever

Favorite headphones. Work well as a headset for gaming or telephony too. I store them in an old tea tin.