lair of nilix, aka dwindle, aka Rex Nillith:

Spring Break 2018

Spring break trip to Marin County and SF with Katie.

New World Chaos II

Ovnimoon & Zyce - Stereo Space (Erotic Dream remix)
Bjorn Akesson - Shadows (Radio edit)
Techyon vs Dusters - Dustech
Cypher 0 - Alternet (Deedrah remix)
D-Addiction - Royal Addiction
Sono - Keep Control
D-Addiction - Royal Addiction (reprive)
Ticon - Super Model Girlfriend
Simon Baker - Grey Area (Burnski & Robert James remix)
Orjan Nilsen - Lovers Lane
Man With No Name - Teleport
S.U.N. Project - At The Edge of Time
Dali - Hectic
Rex Nillith - Hyper-Beam!
Dali - Hectic (reprive)
Vibrasphere - Erosion (Glenn Morison & Bruce Aisher remix)

Photodump: Winter 2017-2018

Some favorites off the camera reel from the past few months


<3 Powder

nilFM v4.0. Ayanami, and Thought Experiment

I am pleased to announce v4.0 of nilFM! I have built a simple CMS framework Ayanami and redesigned the site around it.

Although the site has been rebooted, all the old mixes and digital art is still here in the archives.

This reboot is roughly concurrent with the launch of the Thought Experiment shop on etsy. My girlfriend and I have been working on a line of graphic tees, 3 of which are currently available in various sizes, fits, and color options. More on the way soon, and we hope to diversify the shop before too long.

And now . . . I want to mix :3