design and programming portfolio of Derek Stevens:


list view

checklist is a simple baby registry webapp in python + django, made to prepare for the birth of my son, Zia. It's still hosted/live for posterity, since Zia is at the time of this writing three and a half months old!

The backend is, again, django, and data store is in SQLite. Each row in the database is a unique ID field, a product description/name, a link to where it can be purchased, slots for a name and email of the person pledging to get the item, and finally a boolean value for if the item has been pledged/claimed. The main list view simply shows all database entries which have not been claimed, in order of ID numbers.

individual view
Upon clicking an entry in the main list view, you are brought to the above view, where you can follow the link to an online shop and enter your name and email address. If you pledge the item, you must fill out both fields.

security feature
If you, say, bookmark the detail view for any particular item, and return there after it has been pledged, you will see the above view, thus even knowing the ID number (and thus the URL) of any item, you cannot overwrite the database entry for another person's pledge.

As administrator, I can view the status of the database either by using the django admin panel or from the serverside with the django shell. From there I can add, edit, or delete rows.