derek stevens

Standing in rollerblades at De Vargas Skatepark in Santa Fe, NM

I'm Derek Stevens, a California native since 1993, currently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico; I grew up on the Monterey Peninsula devouring video games, operating system lore, metal and trance music, and exploring the environment through hiking, rollerblading, and urban exploration. I'm a bit of a polymath, graduating from UC Davis in 2019 with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Computer Science, as well as three Associates in Math, Physics, and Philosophy.

Now I am a professional programmer, currently working for Siroonian Technologies, writing C# and React apps mostly. I met my wife on a cross-country train ride in 2016 and we had our son in 2019. When I'm not busy with work and family, I like making music, aggressive rollerblading, playing retro video games, hiking, tending plants, and working on various personal programming, computing, and digital art projects.

See also, my curriculum vitae.


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I've used various handles over the years -- dwindle, NIL, bladedvox, and currently I tend to pick the usernames nilix and drkste. My DJ persona is Rex Nillith.


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