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-README steppenwolf
-"steppenwolf" is a GTK2 and 3 theme based on OneStepBack by Jean-Pierre Bucciol.
-It is a hybrid of the good old NeXTSTEP look and some more modern elements. I
-wrote this theme after being fed up with visibility problems and bloat of
-modern dark themes. Have you ever looked at the source code for Arc-based
-themes? It's horrendous! The huge blobs of css selectors increase
-rendering/start times for programs, and make debugging those themes a nightmare.
-The name is a pun on the "step" from NeXTSTEP and a reference to the Herman
-Hesse novel "Steppenwolf." So this is maybe a theme for the crotchity old man
-who doesn't care for the current trends.
-Changes from OneStepBack include:
-dark (grey50 on black) flat menus,
-dark tooltips,
-dark notifications,
-turquoise hilights,
-turquoise menu checks and radio marks,
-no stepper buttons on scrollbars,
-focus lines,
-various individual application fixes (GIMP, Thunar, Save/Open/Print dialogs, etc).
-I use this theme with my fotonix openbox theme and compton. Compton rules for
-75% opacity for menus, tooltips, and notifications (along with window borders
-and dock windows) give the suite a sleek feel.
-This theme plays OK with QGTK. The scrollbar steppers come back and the
-selected menu items have a bevel.
-A port to QT5 would of course be better.
-To install the theme, unzip the archive and copy the theme in your theme
-directory. There is no need for any extra //engine//.
-If you use the Plank dock, you can also copy the steppenwolf plank theme from
-the plank subdirectory of this repo into
-Author of steppenwolf: [Derek Stevens nilix(at)nilfm.cc].
-Author of OneStepBack: [Jean-Pierre Bucciol jpsspam(at)free.fr].
-This is a [GPL 3 https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.txt] free software.
-Feel free to change and share the code.
-==Web pages==
-- [steppenwolf: https://gitlab.com/nilix/steppenwolf]
-- [OneStepBack theme main page and download http://www.vide.memoire.free.fr/perso/OneStepBack]
-- [OneStepBack at gnome-look.org http://www.gnome-look.org/p/1013663]
-==Known Bugs==
-I've tried my best to fix bugs on a per-application basis.
-A couple things still bother me, and there doesn't seem to be anything to be
-- Thunderbird: menu checks/radios are upscaled
-- GTK2 in general puts an unwanted 2px border around the menus.
- I'd prefer to leave this than add an engine dependency.
-0.632 fix selected text color
-0.631 add QT5 colorscheme
-0.63 tweak panel/frame
-0.62 flatten and remove padding from 'frame' elements
-0.61 inverted some image assets, increased scroll/scalebar size for steppenwolf-dark
-0.6 darken disabled menuitem color a bit, add steppenwolf-dark
-0.5 remove bevel/borders from menubars and toolbars
-0.4 add plank theme
-0.3 fix Thunar pathbar buttons
-0.2 update overflow arrows in menus
-0.1 first release
-Version 0.992, working version
-Version 0.991, July 2018
-- change the grey-brown color variant for a grey-brown-green-blue color variant
-- gtk2: improve generation of the derived colors
-- gtk2: improve colors of progressbar label
-- gtk3: improve color backdrop color in headerbar
-- gtk3: improve button color consistency in headerbar
-- gtk3: fix a bug in toolbar button hover
-- gtk3: fix a color name bug
-- improve differentation of selected text, menuitem and listitem colors
-Version 0.99, April 2018
-- gtk3: improve spacing for icons in nautilus sidebar
-- gtk3: fix a color name bug
-- add a grey-brown color variant
-Version 0.98, March 2018
-- gtk3: fix a color bug when toogle button in hover
-- fix a bug in the headerbar roundness
-- fix a color bug in the windows shadows
-- improve design of the thumbs on scales and scrollbars
-- improve colors of arrows and scrollbars
-- improve support for easy color changes
-- change colors of the variant color version: the colors are inspired by the earth-brown gtk3 theme
-Version 0.97, January 2018
-- gtk3: fix a color bug in the flotting bottom information bar in nautilus
-- add a color variant
-- gtk3: fix a color bug in popover (modelbutton:active)
-- gtk3: drop support for gtk 3.16 and 3.18
-Version 0.96, July 2017
-- fix a color bug for mouse color selection in caja (mrnhmath)
-Version 0.95, July 2017
-- fix a color bug for background in icon view in caja (mrnhmath)
-- fix a color name bug
-Version 0.94, July 2017
-- fix a color bug for selected and unfocused wxgtk items
-Version 0.93, May 2017
-- gtk3: fix a color bug in nautilus for selected and unfocused icons
-- gtk3: fix a color bug for selections in firefox gtk3
-- change for a blue-gray color for progress bars and switch
-Version 0.92: November 2016
-- gtk3: fix a color bug in headerbar pathbar
-- gtk3: add a left margin to arrow in menus
-- gtk2: fix wrong background color in rox when switching theme
-- gtk3: improve css syntax for font definitions
-Version 0.91, September 2016
-- gtk3: disable the GtkWidget-window-dragging function that breaks things in gnumeric (thanks Ingo S.)
-Version 0.9, August 2016
-- add support for easy color changes
-- gtk3: add a minimal lenght to the scrollbar sliders
-- gtk3: improve arrows design in scrollbar when disabled
-Version 0.8, April 2016
-- gtk3: fix a bug in desktop borders when nautilus manages the desktop
-- gtk3: more consistant design of the scrollbar arrow buttons
-- gtk3: add support for scale indicators
-- gtk3: fix bug for scale sliders overpassing trough
-- gtk3: fix a bug with labels of scale bars
-- gtk3: add support for arrows in popover menus
-- gtk3: change behaviour of the checked button in hea.derbar
-- gtk3: add basic support for calendar and iconview widgets
-- gtk3: fix a color bug for radiobutton label when disabled in list
-- gtk3: add support for expander arrows when active
-Version 0.7, April 2016
-- gtk3: port to gtk 3.20: gtk3 part rebuild from scratch !
-- orange progress bar color
-- gray active widgets
-- no more highlight on hover
-Version 0.6, November 2015
-- gtk3: improve borders of menus (thanks behrz)
-Version 0.5, October 2015
-- gtk3: improve borders/shadows to better match the gtk2 part (thanks behrz)
-- gtk3: improve switch borders
-- fix some colors and rocking in toolbar buttons
-- change borders of scrollbar sliders to match the new button shadows
-- gtk2: better centering of the scrollbar thumb
-- gtk3: fix a padding problem in gedit open document popover (thanks to bd209ocp)
-Version 0.4, October 2015
-- gtk3: fix some color and padding tweeks for nautilus 3.18
-- add arrow buttons to scrollbars
-- gtk3: test with gtk 3.18: ok
-Version 0.3, October 2015
-- gtk2: fix shadow glitchs in the scrollbar design
-- add a shell script to easily change the colors of the theme
-- gtk3: improve calculation of shadows on buttons
-Version 0.2, September 2015
-- gtk3: fix borders glitchs in menus
-- gtk3: improve borders of the embossed widgets
-- gtk3: define help colors for borders
-- gtk3: fix :hover colors on switchs
-- gtk3: add support for gnome-logs selections
-- fix color of insensitive combobox and check and radio buttons labels
-- gtk2: fix color of gimp loading bar
-Version 0.1, August 2015
-- initial version
-==Version numbering==
-$\forall n \in \mathbb{N}^*, v_n=1-0.1^{\int(n/9)}+\rest(n/9)*10^{-\int(n/9)-1}$.
diff --git a/gtk-2.0/gtkrc b/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
index f79282e..faee811 100644
--- a/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
+++ b/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
@@ -31,9 +31,9 @@ grey50:#797979
gtk-color-scheme = "button_selected_bg_color:#797979
diff --git a/gtk-3.0/gtk.css b/gtk-3.0/gtk.css
index eb2bf3b..a0c7f55 100755
--- a/gtk-3.0/gtk.css
+++ b/gtk-3.0/gtk.css
@@ -31,9 +31,9 @@
@define-color button_selected_bg_color @darker_color;
@define-color text_selected_bg_color @scale_color;
@define-color text_selected_fg_color @trueblack;
-@define-color menuitem_selected_bg_color @grey50;
+@define-color menuitem_selected_bg_color @scale_color;
@define-color menuitem_selected_fg_color @trueblack;
-@define-color listitem_selected_bg_color @grey50;
+@define-color listitem_selected_bg_color @scale_color;
@define-color listitem_selected_fg_color @trueblack;