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`steppenwolf-dark` is the dark version (now the only maintained version!) of a theme originally forked from [OneStepBack](http://www.vide.memoire.free.fr/perso/OneStepBack). It features dark grey window areas; black textboxes, menus, view areas, and buttons; has a nice border and corner radius on the buttons; and turquoise selection, check/radios and scrollbars. These descriptions apply to the GTK2/3 themes -- there are differences with the Qt5 colorscheme, but they don't really clash in my opinion.
There are three supported environments:
* GTK2
* GTK3
* Qt5 (this is just a colorscheme intended for use with the `Breeze` theme but it actually works well. An additional `-darker` colorscheme is provided which I like to use with Kate with a solarized-like editor colorscheme)
-As a bonus, there are two plank themes.
+As a bonus, there are two Plank themes and an Audacious theme.
## installation
@@ -17,7 +18,7 @@ A script is provided which installs the theme globally if run as root and for th
## credit
-* Author of steppenwolf: Derek Stevens [<drkste@zoho.com>](mailto://drkste@zoho.com)
+* Author of steppenwolf: Derek Stevens [<nilix@nilfm.cc>](mailto://nilix@nilfm.cc)
* Author of OneStepBack: Jean-Pierre Bucciol [<jpsspam@free.fr>](mailto://jspspam@free.fr)
## license
@@ -27,6 +28,8 @@ Feel free to change and share the code.
## changelog
+0.72 tweak contrast and add audacious theme
0.71 fix left/right anchored tabs
0.70 modernize tabs