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* key.c: fix zombie terminal processesDerek Stevens2022-01-181-14/+21
* key.c: allow numlock to be active with keybindsDerek Stevens2021-11-111-0/+200
* fix ZOOM_KEY ifdefDerek Stevens2021-05-261-0/+2
* fix conflicts merging 0.7 into masterDerek Stevens2021-05-121-6/+191
| * event: fix configure requests where a window in another desktop requests focu...Derek Stevens2021-04-291-8/+8
| * key.c: zoom maximizes current windowDerek Stevens2021-03-101-1/+10
| * key.c: fix unguarded else ifs for virt switchingDerek Stevens2021-03-091-3/+5
| * config.h: reorganize config.h and update documentation; key,c: make all keybi...Derek Stevens2021-03-071-3/+163
* | scrap zoom modeDerek Stevens2021-03-071-12/+0
* config.h, main.c, key.c, manage.c, client.c: add zoom mode (fullscreen everyt...Derek Stevens2021-03-051-0/+12
* cient, event, key, fns, config: fix two client centering styles, always inclu...Derek Stevens2021-02-261-17/+37
* tweak formattingDerek Stevens2021-02-261-42/+163
* fix clang-format, no sort includes!Derek Stevens2021-02-261-207/+280
* README: update; client, config, fns, key, manage: fix focus bugs, tweak cente...Derek Stevens2021-02-261-2/+21
* config.h: document GAPSZ should be even; key.c: only use new center ratio; ev...Derek Stevens2021-02-251-26/+26
* config.h, key.c: add gaps for psuedotilingDerek Stevens2021-02-241-8/+8
* no focus for autostick windows, fix unhide with SHOWSTICKDerek Stevens2021-02-211-2/+39
* menu.c, fns.h, dat.h, config.h: add omnipresent windows, add config option to...Derek Stevens2021-02-101-0/+5
* added notifications for virtual desktop switchingDerek Stevens2020-08-061-4/+11
* ok, fixed unhide shortcut (really this time!)Derek Stevens2020-02-291-1/+1
* fix unhide shortcutDerek Stevens2020-02-291-1/+1
* restore unhide shortcutDerek Stevens2020-02-291-0/+5
* add guard against mangling root window in quickreshape()Derek Stevens2020-02-291-1/+3
* restored alt-tab functionality, dimmed active border color a little bit (to d...Derek Stevens2019-12-051-9/+11
* Merge branch 'master' into 'revert'Derek Stevens2019-12-051-12/+9
| * remove -grey option and related code (no bg setting); maximized window border...Derek Stevens2019-12-041-16/+14
| * added a TODO for performance improvements in key.cDerek Stevens2019-12-021-0/+2
* | truncate long window labels, maximized windows have no visible border, fix ma...Derek Stevens2019-12-041-8/+8
* add urxvt to exec-failed messageDerek Stevens2019-12-021-1/+1
* first commitDerek Stevens2019-12-021-0/+210