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activetickadd active tick indication; v9001-a02Derek Stevens9 months
mainupdate README; version 9001-b02Derek Stevens8 months
v9001-b02commit 0b2fd09932...Derek Stevens8 months
v9001-b01commit 8920dc9db2...Derek Stevens8 months
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2022-04-07update README; version 9001-b02HEADv9001-b02mainDerek Stevens2-3/+11
2022-04-07paint bg color when there isn't enough space in a window body for an entire l...Derek Stevens1-0/+2
2022-04-07update Toolbox and scriptsDerek Stevens6-2/+81
2022-03-28update readmev9001-b01Derek Stevens1-2/+7
2022-03-28fix typo - chyvonomys fix works properly now; vb01Derek Stevens3-5/+3
2022-03-26import upstream bugfixes from chyvonomys, jxy, and knieriem; v9001-a05Derek Stevens7-10/+34
2022-02-25add acme-lsp helpers and Toolbox, use COLOR_EMPTY more and dont lock windows ...Derek Stevens25-34/+107
2022-02-22active tick updates propagate to column and row tags now; update readme; v900...Derek Stevens2-12/+8
2022-02-21remove libframe.aDerek Stevens1-0/+0
2022-02-21add active tick indication; v9001-a02activetickDerek Stevens37-93/+250