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Light Up The Dark


I had another post planned, on a completely different subject; But these times are insane, and I have to speak out.

What is happening to the United States democratic process, policy, and sphere of public thought under Trump is horrendous. The man and his cabal lie through their teeth expecting class 1 fools to eat that shit off the ground and class 2 fools to act out as a Demiurge knowing full well the simulacrum anti-truth nature of it.

Last week we saw a plain display of the two-faced nature of this administration, with federal agencies complicit in this fascist devolution where, all last year we had protests in the name of equality and liberty, exemplary of our first amendment rights, distorted by law enforcement and intelligence agencies into violent riots that fed into a painful feedback loop that sadly seems to have gotten us no closer to our goals of liberty and justice for all...

I am keeping this short since I already mentioned much of this in a previous post, but I hope that my fellow Americans reading this are prepared to stand up to authoritarian nationalism, fear, and hatred in order to build this community and extended family that we call the United States of America (and the world, really) into a society that we can be proud of: a place where we can share knowledge, beauty, and love with each other, and not a place of fearmongering, loneliness, destruction, and desperation (something that poets through history have lamented as among the worst possible scenarios) -- which (if we're not already there) is where we could easily fall if we don't watch our step.