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Big changes, little updates

Big changes this summer for me. My son was born June 26 -- welcome to the universe, Zia!

I graduated from UC Davis in June as well. With all this comes a shift in my work; Done with UCD, my contract as an IT Technician is up too. The past few weeks have been Zia-dominated, but I have been able to push some code here and there.

* steppenwolf has seen a couple updates. GTK3 menu overflow arrows are fixed, and thunar pathbar buttons are packed properly.
* Source for my django apps (dice, and checklist) are published now; Nothing terribly exciting but no reason to keep it secret.
* uStrat is starting to take shape; Progress on the AI for enemy behavior has been stalled with Zia taking our undivided attention, but will continue when time permits. As of now, the CPU can build structures and units in a mostly coherent fashion.