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Back from the dead; Have some KatbugJS!

Screenshot of katbugjs

After unforseen problems with the other server, we're back on old reliable; and with presents: addicting Catbug action in your browser!

I ported Catbug: in the see-through zone! (originally in C with the SDL library) to javascript. Part of it was to hone my javascript skills, and part of it was to make the game more accessible. Of course if anyone wants to compile the original version for Windows and OSX, be my guest.

The javascript version features touch controls in addition to the keyboard controls. The touch controls are available if the program is able to deduce you're on mobile based on your browser's user-agent string. They have a couple caveats: 1) they don't quell the browser's default scrolling behavior if you move your finger on the buttons, and 2) you might bring up iOS's copy/paste dialogue if you hold a button down on iOS. If you want to help me improve the controls, please do commit to the git repository.

If you want to have Catbug action with you even in a network outage, you can download the game to your device and open the index.html in your browser. The only caveat there is unless you start an http server and point your browser to the game through localhost instead of file:///, the custom font won't load.

In any case, enjoy!