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Cicuit Hyper-Resonance  [v] download

CHR album cover

Miss Kittin - Mind Stretching
Onhell - Lazer
pothOles - Polka [Alex Arnout remix]
Eelke Kleijn - Lone Ranger [Henry Saiz Ocean Drive remix]
Ko Kimura - I've Got It! [Eureka New School Acid mix]
Adam Beyer - What You Need
Hug - The Angry Ghost
Hal Incandenza - Little Mountains [Henry Saiz High-End remix]
BT - Letting Go


Bleak Future CounterWeapon II  [v] download

BFCW2 album cover

Capcom - Navi Customizer [Free Mode]
Kou Hayashi - Change the Phase
Capcom - Deep Sea/Unused Track
Kou Hayashi - Not Back in time [Rex Nillith InYoBase Edit]
Garoad - Base of the Titans
Fumie Kumatani - Nostalgia in Solitude pt1 [Rex Nillith Tunak Experience 2.0 Dub]

mix{vg-bgm | psy | trance}

Super Lightning Blade  [v] download

Super Lightning Blade album cover

Capcom - Place of Oblivion
Koichi Korenaga - Industrial-Line
Blufeld - Special [Rex Nillith "Not Back in Time" Heavy-edit mode]
Trancenology - Trance-Dance [1994 ver.]
Ace Ventura - Dark Matter [E-Clip remix]
Psy-H Project - Exhalation of Mahavishnu [Rex Nillith Heavy-edit mode]
Dimension 5 - Harmonic Convergence [Rex Nillith "Into the Dub" mode]
Klopfgeister - Heavy New Beer
Interphase - Dr. Feelgood [2003 mix]
Klopfgeister - Heavy New Beer [reprive]
Cid Inc - Caustic
Garoad - Underground Club
Cid Inc - Caustic [Rex Nillith "VTH04" reprive edit]
Ascended Master Artifact - Computah Luv

mix{vg-bgm | trance | psytrance | psydub | electrodub}

Digital Universe  [v] download

Digital Universe album cover

Rex Nillith - Natural Disaster
Keitomine pres. TRANCERA - Brighter Days are in the Summer
Art of Trance - Mongoose [Tek^Tonik remix]
Infected Mushroom - Bass Nipple
Protoculture - Silicon Sunrise
Juno Reactor - Laughing Gas [Masaya Fujino remix]
Will Rees - Persistence
Gabriel Batz - Aube
Maarten Hercules - Harmonics [Eluna vs Jon O'Bir remix]
Vibrasphere - Baltic Resonance [Solar Fields vs Rex Nillith 'Into the Dub' mix]

mix{trance | psytrance | progressive}

Nebula Grey  [v] download  archive

Nebula Grey album cover

01. Natural Disaster
02. Maverick Hunter
03. Kaiju-to-180-out
04. Hyper-Beam!

album{edm | vg-bgm | hardcore | d&b | abstract}

Advent 2015  [v] download

Advent 2015 album cover

Garoad - Follow the Trail
Slinky Wizard - Hit & Run [Slick Dick remix]
The Orange - UFO
Glitch - Tequila Sunrise
Pixel - True Pimp Never Gets Caught
Vibrasphere - 102 Miles From Here [Solead remix]
Hawk - Butterfly [JPL remix]
Domased Electronica feat. VeNeS - Dark & Light [Basil O'Glue remix]
Quadra - Get It By Your Hands
Power Dove - September Soul [Corvin Dalek's Hard&Soul remix]

mix{psytrance | progtrance | tech}

Arsenal of the Time Mage II  [v] download  archive

Arsenal of the Time Mage II album cover

01. Infected Mushroom - Eat it Raw [NIL remix]
02. Ratatat - Falcon Jab [NIL remix]
03. Fake Blood - Mars [Herve vs Nil super-edit]

album{psytrance | electropop | electro}

Time Mage's Infinite Sidequest  [v] download

Time Mage's Infinite Sidequest album cover

Kollektive Turmstrasse - Tristesse
??? - Listen to our Works!
Veerus & Maxie Divine - Censored
Rozzo - Into your Heart [Into Your Bass mix]
Vibrasphere - Seven Days to Daylight [Unai remix]
Freq - What a Feeling [Jerome Isma-ae remix]
Dinka - Asylum
Shik Stylko - Many Dayz [Tom Novy & Jerome Isma-ae instrumental mix]
Freeform 5 - Tiefshwarz [Electromagnetic mix]
Dirty German - Be Together [Main Pass]
Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr - Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat [Main Vocal mix]
Domased Electronica feat. VeNeS - Dark & Light [Basil O'Glue remix]
Flegma & Nerso - Body Snatcher
Mark Pledger & Rake feat. Sabrina - Spinning Around
Rubix Qube - No Time
Boys Noize - Lava Lava [Feadz Aval Aval mix]
Weekend Heroes - 10 Tones
Perfect Stranger - Living in the Past [Magitman remix]
Sian - Shame Cube

mix{progressive | house | tech | trance | psychedelic}

Arsenal of the Time Mage  [v] download  archive

Arsenal of the Time Mage album cover

01. NIL - Ethereal Journey Part 1
02. NIL - Ethereal Journey Part 2
03. NIL - Mystical Swordz
04. NIL - Zair Conditionne
05. NIL - Stealin ur Timezones
06. NIL - PlasmaMaster

album{zip | progressive | trance | house | psychedelic | hardcore}

Some Kinda Karmic Loop  [v] download

Some Kinda Karmic Loop album cover

Jesse Somfay & Henry Saiz - Honey Wine [NIL's Some Kinda Karmic Loop intro dub]
Henry Saiz - Our Discovery
Kenneth Thomas ft. Coleen Riley - Ghost in the Machine 08 [Gabriel Batz remix]
Djons & Tamerlain - Hearts Reaver
Genix & Chris Chambers - Waterfall [Alucard dub mix]
Gabriel & Dresden ft. Molly Bancroft - Tracking Treasure Down [Dave Seaman's GroupTherapy mix]
Juno Reactor - Guardian Angel [Dino Psaras remix]
Protoculture - Ode to the Ocean
Quadra - Get it by Your Hands
Lost Tribe - Gamemaster

mix{progressive | trance | uplifting}

project:Beat Silo [rave out]  [v] download

project:Beat Silo [rave out] album cover

Infected Mushroom - Eat it Raw [NIL's intro mix]
Takkyro Ishino - Ninety Three
III - Neo Arcadia III
D.O.M. - Acid War
Juno Reactor - Mars
Vaishiyas - Activator
Aviron - Blackmail
Gaiatech - Sunday 6pm
Aliceffekt - Laeis 7th&8th Passage
Klopfgeister - Flowrillaz
Prodigy - Voodoo People [Pendelum remix]
Sundrowner - Nothing Matters
Monsta - Where did I go [Dillon Francis & Kill Paris remix]
Vitalic - Your Disco Song
Deadmau5 vs. Wolfgang Gartner - Channel 42
Boys Noize - & Down
Fake Blood - Mars [Herve vs NIL super-edit]
Samuelzone - Port of Sense [NIL's cutthecrap re-edit]
Tom Glass - Omnia [NIL edit]
Armin van Buurin - Imagine
Tilt - I Know You're Afraid
Estuera vs. Re:Locate - Palma Salone
AudioActive - Time Lines
[AM] Artifact - isojazz

mix{progressive | psytrance | electro | uplifting | melodic}

Annular Fusion  [v] download  archive

Annular Fusion album cover

Bleak Future Counterweapon
Periphery - Insomnia
III - Old Life Space
DJ ClarkNova - ToonamiBHM12
Boards of Canada - Roygbiv
Melotronics - Cyber Lovers [Liquilade remix]
Aliceffekt - 90va Deafening Lights
eXhale - noESCAPE fugue rush
DONG - Crystalized Gnawed Sky
Skrillex - Slats Slats Slats

Annular Fusion
Joe Boyd Vigil - Depthcharge
D.I.M. - Airbus baby [A.C. Slater remix]
Ratatat - Neckbrace
Orjen Nilson - Between the Rays
Fast Distance - Elysion [PROFF remix]
Henry Saiz - Etorno Retorno [90s acidtrance vers.]
Battles - Atlas [DJ Koze remix]
Science Deal - Foreign Affair
Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun [Gabriel & Dresden remix]

mix-album{progressive | futurist}

Technogenetica  [v] download

Technogenetica album cover

Protonica - Northern Storm [Lish remix]
Relaunch - Suspense [Basil O'Glue remix]
Daniel Strauss & Niels van Gogh - Goldrausch [Get Fucked Up 2011 mix]
Adaggio - Decline
Boards of Canada - Music is Math
Solid Gear & James Crack - Lost Soul [Dark Soul Project mix]
Serial Experiments Lain - Antidepressant 044 [NIL edit]
Cora Novoa & Spaceman - Black Heart [Henry Saiz '95 Cassette rework]
The Youngsters - Smile [Sasha vs NIL re-edit]
Aphex Twin - Windowlicker [Albin Myers Bootleg remix]
Riton - Hamer of Thor [NIL edit]
Gaiatech - Sweet Lullaby
Star Sounds Orchestra - Ajundria
John Starlight - Shadowbreaker [Boys Noize remix]
Crystal Castles - 1981

mix{progressive | house | psychedelic}

New-World Chaos  [v] download

New-World Chaos album cover

The Seven Fields of Aphelion - Starlight Aquatic
KVK - Reality Theory
Dennis Sheperd - Infinity [Shiloh remix]
Juno Reactor - Silver
DJ Cogley - Retrograde [Lagh Maush Tainted Overground Vision remix]
Grenn & Falkner - Satisfaction [16 Bit Lolitas remix]
Bitmonx - Pipemode
Subfractal - Down the Rabbit Hole [Dima Gafner remix]
Rubix Qube - Not Physically Possible
Infected Mushroom - Heavyweight
Dimension 5 - Harmonic Convergence
Vitalic - Repair Machines
Aliceffekt - Evelyn & Coralinev, together. Forever.
Venetian Snares - Frictional Nevada
DONG - hellogod
SE: Lain PSX ending track
Tyranna - King of the Invisible Land [Henry Saiz WATMM 303 remix]
Vibrasphere - Late Winter Storms [Tobias Lilja remix]
Philippe - Incubo [Goa Constrictor mix]
Eddie Sender - Genesis
Ernesto vs. Bastion - Dark Side of the Moon [DogZilla PureFilth mix]
Sebastian Brandt - Ashes

mix{progressive | house | psychedelic | trance | melodic}

mindmachine!  [v] download

midnmachine! album cover

Experimenal minimix with no logs!

mix{trance | house | progressive}

Existence is Futile  [v] download

Existence is Futile album cover

Periphery - New Groove
Juno Reactor - Hotaka [Uber Tmar remix]
da Fresh vs. Paul Thomas - Cool
Purple Haze - Adrenaline
Guy Gerber - Stoppage Time
Adam White vs. Andy Moore - The White Room
Viton vs. Stel - Wooden Swordz [Kosmas Epsilon remix]
Vibrasphere - Reservoir [Fjord remix]
j-Solv - In Freefall
Ridgewalkers ft. El - Find
Timo Becker - Temptation [Patrick la Funk remix]
Paul Van Dyke - The Other Side [Deep Dish Other mix]
Tenthu - Zair [PROFF remix]
Julian Jewel - Air Condittione
Boys Noize - Oh!
Ummet Ozcan - Reboot
Gai Barone - The Moth [Weekend Heroes remix]
After Meridian vs. Dave Costa feat. Cat Martin - Empty Spaces [Funabashi remix]
Aliceffekt - Stray from the Oasis

mix{progressive | house | trance | melodic | futility}

Live @ The Datacenter! -- Down With the Shadow  [v] download

Live @ the Datacenter! -- Down With the Shadow album cover

This was a fun set done live on the spot 04 March 2012 with new tracks downloaded using the superior bandwidth :3

mix{progressive | house | trance | melodic | vocal | psychedelic}

Bodyload  [v] download

Bodyload album cover

This marks the first live mix
Girugamesh - Intro
John Askew - Torture Chamber
Vibrasphere - Follow Me
Binary Finary & Jose Amnesia pres. Cloudbreak - Difference [Hydroid vs. Santiago Nino remix]
Ace Ventura - Dark Matter [Egorhythmia remix]
Rhino Drum - Underground Sound
Juno Reactor - Nitrogen Part 2
Animaltek - Karmikloops [Fjord remix]
Hydroid - Greek Tick [Perry O'Neil remix]
Artifical Dreamer - Maybe Tomorrow [ADS Back to Darmastdat remix]
Francesco Sambero - Don't Speak
Max Graham - Cosmic Funk
Heliophaze feat. Christine Zufferey - Blue [Deep Project Dub mix]
Paul Oakenfold - Full Moon Party
Dudu Nahas - Good Evening
test_void - syousou

mix{progressive | trance | psychedelic | melodic | uplifting}

Aeon End  [v] download

Aeon End album cover

Eryo - Things We Can't Explain
Macro Bailey - Bom Bang! [Deepfunk remix]
Quadra - Get it by Your Hands
Gabriel Luskoz - Watch Your Step [Adymus remix]
Juno Reactor - Rotorblade [The Man With No Name remix]
Josh Gabriel - Summit
Solesystem pres Mel-o-maniacs - Angry Skyes [MSZ remix]
Periphery - Icarus Lives! [Bulbous remix]

mix{uplifting | melodic | trance | progressive | house}}

Dark Energy Network Protocol  [v] download

Dark Energy Network Protocol album cover

Cid Inc. - Caustic
BANCO DE GAIA - Heliopolis [Blue Room Project mix]
Sasha Virus - Access Denied
Markus Schulz - Future Cities
Andy Tau - Falling
Blufeld - Special [Remastered original mix]
Syna vs. Ayleon - Change [Arkia's Motion Picture remix]
Solarity - Terminal 6
Tilt - The World Doesn't Know

mix{uplifting | futurist | house | progressive | trance}

Ping'd by a Grizzly Bear  [v] download

Ping'd by a Grizzly Bear album cover

Sensient - Tech Message [Seph remix]
2DROPS - Reboot System
Microtrauma - Diffusion
Pablo Bolivar - World Communications
Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Stereopsis
with clips from somebody's bearhello

mix{tech house | minimal | progressive}

To Traverse the Qliphoth  [v] download

To Traverse the Qliphoth album cover

Hallucinogen - LSD [Closed World String Intro re-edit]
Nomean - Outer Skies
Solid Gear & James Crack - Lost Soul
Sun Control Species - Sleeve
Basil O'Glue - Grey Scales
Markus Schassow - In Russia Vodka Drink You
Shingo Nakamura - Alice in Wonderland
Nick Muir - Airtight [Kassey Voorn remix]
King Unique - 2000000 Suns
Relaunch - Aurora [Shane remix]

mix{progressive | house | melodic}

OOPArts  [v] download  archive

OOParts album cover

Collection of my first-generation mixes (all premixed)
1 Space
2 Time
3 Psychokinetics
4 Reality
5 WithLove
6 Fields