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STEEZ.EXE  [v] download  [>] previewpreview of STEEZ.EXE

Program for workflow and expedience and STEEZ

script{bash | DE}

cosview  [v] download  [>] previewpreview of cosview

System monitor component for memory and cpu usage

script{bash | sysmon | DE}

stella gtk themes  [v] download  archive  [>] previewdemo of the stella themes

The gtk2 theme is just a reversion of Xfce-stellar to keep the oldschool colored progressbar. The gtk3 theme is a recolor of "Vold" to match the solaris/stellar colors. This setup is high-visiblity, medium-contrast, and low-footprint.

themes{gtk2 | gtk3}

.vtwmrc  [v] download  [>] previewvtwm screenshot on tsugumi

Vtwm configuration - minimal, functional, but with a bit of candy a la a transset script to make xosview, xclock, pager, and iconmanager transparent

conf{vtwm}  [v] download  [>] previewopenbox screenshot on funell

An openbox theme redux from the old days. There used to be a thinice-engine gtk theme to go with it, but since I don't bother with gtk theming anymore... you get the idea.
The setup in the screenshot is stalonetray, tint2, and xbattbar for a seemingly integrated panel.


fotonix.obt  [v] download  [>] previewopenbox screenshot on tsugumi

An openbox theme redux from the old days. Originally made to go with the gtk theme EasyListening Dark.
The setup in the screenshot is bbpager, tint2 for the clock, and xfce4-panel for miniwindow icons.


nilFM mixxx skin  [v] download  archive mixxx-skin in action

My psychedelic skin for open source virtual DJ software Mixxx.

skin{txz | mixxx | xml}

Prius Z Nokia s40 theme  [v] download preview for priusZ

A heavy mod of Black Premium for Nokia's oldschool mobile OS s40.

skin{zip/nth | nokia | xml}

.Xresources  [v] download

urxvt settings & colors loosely based on Solarized, plus some extra configs

conf{terminal | xorg}

.bashrc  [v] download

Shell aliases, prompt, lookat script.

conf{bash | script}