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Soul Unison  [v] download

Another mandala: soul fragments from across the holographic universe reflect back unto one another ♥

mandala{cyberdharma | holographics | chrono trigger | ryussei no rockman | internet}

Vajrapratekyabuddhas are Like Water  [v] download

Mandala series well under way - Junky Buddhas settle in the places others disdain. Water Seeks Equilibrium.

mandala{cyberdharma | rockman exe | junkman | chrono trigger | lab 16}

Execution of Perfect Dharma  [v] download

Second in the cyber mandala series - all warriors halt struggle and nature spirits pay tribute to the Extinct One's presence. Law is supreme.

mandala{cyberdharma | rockman x/zero | cyberspace}

If You See the Buddha, Kill Him  [v] download

First in the series of cybernetic mandalas - nature spirits trap the ego in a time-deletion zone

mandala{cyberdharma | chrono trigger | transmission}

Inori in Valhalla  [v] download

another Guilty Crown wallpaper

wallpaper{glitch | guilty crown | coccytus}

Linux-Tan  [v] download

Linux-chan bogged down with systemd, you can see the C-library hairclip if you squint.

wallpaper{os-tan | glitch | cyberspace}

Let's All Love Lain  [v] download

it doesn't matter where you are, everyone is connected

wallpaper{glitch | SE Lain | cybersoul}

Memory Map  [v] download

BSOD-style glitch wallpaper

wallpaper{bsod | memorydump | fractals | cybersoul}

Lunar Mountaintop  [v] download

Yosemite was crazy as hell. I made it crazier.

image{photomanip | nature | psychedelic}

It's a Rock  [v] download

By the power of fractal maps and wacky effects, I bring you not just a boulder, but a big, beautiful rock.

image{photomanip | nature | psychedelic}

tsugumi  [v] download

Needed a quick wall to commemorate my new desktop machine.

wallpaper{render | photomanip | guilty crown}

The Lotus Pedestal - Universal Programming Engine  [v] download

This is inspired by the Brahma Net Sutra. One of my favorite works.

wallpaper{dharma | cybersoul}

Mog  [v] download

Tribute to Mog, a bot who achieved sentience.

wallpaper{bot | irc}

Barrier to Knowledge  [v] download

A favorite from my earlier days, I was experimenting with layers and effects.

wallpaper{abstract | dharma | teen angst}

Atomized Lightning Rod  [v] download

A fractal experimentation in physics visualization.

image{fractal | menger sponge | physics | electromagnetism}

Jazz  [v] download

A fractal experimentation that reminds me of Gyarados.

image{fractal | pocket monsters}

Emergency Message  [v] download

An abstract piece inspired by a sign with horrible grammar.

wallpaper{abstract | text | pixels}

Knights in the Knightmare  [v] download

An abstract piece inspired by the Sting game Knights in the Nightmare.

image{fractal | abstract | isometric}

Implied Relation  [v] download

Experimenting with skylines, depth of field, and stuff like that.

image{scenic | skyline | nature | future}

Forest of World Trees  [v] download

Inspired by all those trips in the forest!

image{scenic | nature | acid}  [v] download

Where the Cyber Elves Dwell  [v] download

In the Mega Man Zero games, Cyber elves are spirits who live in cyberspace. This is their home.

wallpaper{rockman | cybersoul}

Final Endeavour of the Conquistador  [v] download

Journeying alone through the wilderness, he spots a mysterious pyramid which draws his attention.

image{scenic | nature | magnets}

The Great Mystery  [v] download

Render from some crazy japanese movie.

wallpaper{abstract | wtf}

If Missingno was a DJ  [v] download

After a long night up, I came up with this... Fuckin' great.

wallpaper{abstract | wtf | pocket monsters}

Laser Drill Station  [v] download

One of my earlier attempts at photomanipulation. The original image is a screenshot of some Quake3 level.

wallpaper{3d | quake3 | laz0rz}

Awareness  [v] download

Fractals have a lot of representational power. This one reminded me of chakras, so be it.

wallpaper{fractal | dharma}

Everything  [v] download

Conglomeration of fractals only an acid-head could love.

wallpaper{fractal | acid}

Bear is Driving  [v] download

Collab with solar. HOW CAN THIS BE?

wallpaper{clerks | collab}